Hardwood floors are made from solid, natural wood and depending on the kind of floor you want. The finished floor usually consists of short strips which is glued to a subfloor. Hardwood flooring is bit expensive, but gives amazing real feeling while walking on it. Moreover, hardwood floors are easy to maintain and clean. Hardwood also provides healthy home or office environment making it allergy free for allergic people. We at Ariya constructions with architects are passionate about helping customers select the best hardwood possible by providing variety of options.


Lamination is made up of High Density Fiber which is strengthened with a particular gum to enhance resistance and durability. Laminate is best reasonable alternative to hardwood and also comes in different colors, textures and sizes. It is easy to clean compared to hardwood. Regular maintenance will leave long lasting shine. Ariya constructions is a perfect choice for getting lamination done at best rates.


We do Stairs which are made up of wood of steamed beech, ash and oak and in various combinations with rails, inox, and wrought iron details; depending on your choice.


Tiles come in huge collection of shapes and sizes. From decorative ceramic tiles for a kitchen back splash to single slab marble and granite for counter tops, we do everything. Tiles are used in many places throughout your home. Get the best collection and variety by contacting us. Backsplash tiles come in various and unique options such as mosaic tiles which are popular and easy to clean, stainless steel tiles, marble tiles and many more. Get the best collection and guidance by contacting us.


We have highly skilled technicians available for plumbing-repairs and drainage needs who will make sure that you are 100 percent satisfied with our service. We also have fair pricing comparing to other service providers out there.